Customize Room (e.g. with a css file)

I’d like to be able to customize my room with a custom css file.
So let me explain why: (I’ll describe me and my friends as ‘we’ in the following part)

  • We never use the chat
  • Using fullscreen in W2G is not as comfortable as in usual videoplayers
    So the idea was to remove the chat to achieve a bigger video player.
    This can be easily done by changing the css.
    Would be a nice feature

Thanks a lot for your idea! I agree that a shared CSS file would be a very powerful tool to customize the look and feel of a Watch2Gether room and syncing the look of a room is indeed an important part of the Watch2Gether experience. On the other side its important for me that a Watch2Gether room is always recognizable as a Watch2Gether room to maintain user friendliness, branding and functionality. But i like your idea in general and i will take it as inspiration to think once more about look&feel customization.


Maybe in order to keep it branded and recognizable, have a side bar that has a few options, such as a playlist option (so while in fullscreen you can scroll through the playlst as an overlay to pick a video), a chat option ( that could also possibly be an overlay, or just minnimize it to bring up chat), a search option that minimizes it entirely to search, and ofc a logo at the bottom of the bar. Just adding onto the idea!