Custom Room Emojis

I would like the ability to have a separate tab in the emojis menu where I can upload custom emojis for all users in the current room to use.

Ideally, it would be good to have a permission in the room settings to enable/disable other users in the room from uploading their own emojis for the rest of the room.

Tangentially related, it would also be good to have a room setting to disable other users from uploading custom images to prevent griefing/harassment.

Thanks a lot for your feedback. You might have seen that there is already the option to upload simple images in the emoji picker. Its the last tab on the right. But i agree that this can be improved and i’m open for suggestions. In which format would you upload custom emojis?

I think the main wants for a proper custom emoji picker would be:

  1. Persistence - the images you upload in the current image upload tool don’t persist if you leave and rejoin the room or refresh the page.
  2. Availability - anyone currently in the room should be able to use an image that’s been uploaded as a custom emoji
  3. Control - the ability to enable/disable other users besides the host from adding emojis to this list

Depending on what you want to go with, #2 could be achieved either by uploading the images to the site and storing them like discord does, or by asking the user to supply an external image URL that images are loaded from so that you only have to store the URL and don’t have to worry about hosting the images on this site.

This would just be kind of a fun thing to have in the same vein that its sometimes fun to spam twitch emotes when you’re watching something in a group.