Create New Room Not Preloaded

Teacher here. I want to create a room to simulcast videos and have chats in real time. For this, Watch2Gether is great. I also appreciate the low price that allows me to not have ads, which allows me to use it with students.

Except, each time I create a room there are a dozen videos already in there and they start up immediately. For a free account, fine. But I’m not a Plus member and I just want a clean room. It’s not like these are ads (perhaps you get kickbacks, which I understand). I’m concerned about control, because if students see the wrong thing it comes back on me–and at best I’m told I can’t use the platform anymore.

At least allow them to not automatically start, or create a more responsive pause.


To add to this: I use this to chat while watching videos for class and the link to the first video pre-loaded is in the chat. I don’t want students to access it (no offense to the video, it’s just I’m expected to control everything in my “classroom” and one slip and they take away use of this site). I’m using this with 12 year olds but the videos are not rated.


Teacher here. I am using this site to show videos to 6th graders and have real-time chats. It mostly works, other than some suggestions I’ve already made. I have paid for Plus to get rid of ads and have more control (thanks).

When a student joins, they see your preloaded videos at the bottom. They can’t click them, but I’d rather they see my videos instead. My admins want me to have the control; the videos appear benign, but who knows what might come up?!

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