Constant buffering of video's

When watching youtube video’s with a friend we both have it that the video’s are constantly stuttering and loading for a second and then playing further for a second only to pause and load again

Thanks a lot for your feedback! Does this happen only at the beginning of a video or throughout the whole time? Are the videos playing fine on Youtube directly?

It happens throughout the whole youtube video, I did play a video from 9anime and there nothing happened so it seems to be a problem with youtube only.

The video’s are playing fine on youtube

Thanks… do you still see this issue today or was it just a temporary glitch?

I will watchtogether with my friend in a moment so I will tell you if it happens again :smiley:

Thank you for your replies

Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile: How does it look like today?

It seems to still be stuttering but just not as much anymore

Thanks… please let me know if you see this issue again!