Command in Chat + Clear Playlist

Hi all,

Why not add a button “Clear all” into the playlist, cause when a friend add 100 musics it’s so long to clear it sometimes.

Next idea is command in chat for example :

& if someone got others ideas share them ! :smiley:

Best regards.

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I don’t think a command in the chat is needed however, a button to clear a playlist entirely would be useful. As getting rid of them one by one is annoying.


at the moment there is no “clear all” button because i though that it might be too likely that a list is cleared by accident. If you want to get rid of all items in a list, it might be the easiest to delete the whole playlist and create a new one (with the same name). Click on the settings icon in the playlist dropdown and then “Delete” next to the name of the list. Does that help?


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