Clear chat window

What about adding a function to clear old chat text window.


I assume you mean a feature to clear the chat of messages.

Honestly, this would be nice to have, removing messages would be a good moderation tool as well.

And if you meant make the chat clear as in transparent… Well I can’t really think thats what you meant and if it is… well that sounds kinda pointless.

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Yes a feature to clear the chat of messages.
Even a better timestamp as the actual one doesn’t show dates.

Thanks for your input. Currently there is a history of the last 20 messages kept on the server. All other messages are removed when you reload the site. To understand you better: Why would it be important to delete all messages?

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Why would it be important? For one, moderation. if someone says something that causes a fuss, the message remains even after banning…so being able to clear unwanted or undesirable messages without having to attack the chat with twenty messages to bury it, would be ideal.

Second, tidiness and privacy. You invite someone in one day, but you invite another, they aren’t there reading your previous conversation. Yes, you could make a different room, but who wants to make 5 rooms with similar or the same videos just to have guests not read messages from other guests? It also keeps things tidy when you start a fresh session.

Thanks once more for your feedback! I will check for options to remove the history the next time i work on the chat module.