Chromecast icon disappears after paying for plus

I signed up for plus with the sole intention of using it to chromecast videos. The icon has completely disappeared. It shows up just fine literally everywhere else other than on watch2gether so I know it’s not a problem of me having an “undetectable chromecast”. What could possibly be making it work everywhere but watch2gether’s player?

Thanks for you feedback! When you are a plus user the icon only shows up when there is a Chromecast detected in your network. Does you chromecast work using the same browser when you visit YouTube directly? Which generation of Chromecast do you own?

It’s the second generation chromecast, still works in the same browser when I use Youtube directly. Just not on Watch2Gether

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Thanks a lot for the info. I will setup a test environment to check the Chromecast integration but it might take a little while. I update this thread when i have news on that. Your PLUS subscription is free for the first 30 Days i’m sure we can get it working in that time.

After buying W2G + you find the chromecast icon in the Right Top corner from your browser