Chrome Update causing "Video Unavailable"

I am getting a “Video Unavailable” error after I have updated my version of Chrome yesterday, May 11th.
Before yesterday I had no trouble with any videos that I could play with YouTube.
Today I am seeing videos that I played yesterday as “Video Unavailable”.
To troubleshoot I checked on YouTube directly to see if the videos were removed or marked private. All videos are able to be played.
Is it possible that this Chrome Update is causing a bug that would make some available videos become unavailable with Watch2Gether?
Thanks for the help,

I have justed tested the site with Chrome 81.0.4044.138 and it works fine. Do you have any browser extensions installed? Please try to disable them one by one and see if that makes a difference. Often these issues are caused by extensions.

Thanks so much Florian. I too am using Version 81.0.4044.138. I removed all the extensions except for the Chrome Apps Docs and Sheets. I reset my Chrome to the Default settings and cleared my Cache.
I can play some videos but I can’t play others.
Should I remove even the Chrome extensions.
Thanks so much for the quick reply.

Can you send me a link to a video which is not playing?

This video is one I was playing yesterday and won’t play today:
I also tried another computer and my phone.
Thanks so much

This video plays fine for me on Watch2Gether.

When the video is not playing on Watch2Gether for you, can you make a right click on the site and select “Inspect” and send me a screenshot of the “Console” output?

Absolutely. Give me just a moment to figure that out.

Let me know if you can see this okay.

Almost, you need to click on the “Console” tab on the right side.

Did you get this. I thought I sent it and didn’t see it in my replies.
Sorry I was moving too quick

Thanks i got everything. I removed the screenshot for privacy reasons.

I can really see anything wrong in there. It could be some kind of networking issue or a problem on Youtube’s side. Do you use some kind of VPN software? Does the video play when you switch your phone to mobile data?

Good questions. I don’t have a VPN right now. I wonder if I need to reset my router? I will try with mobile data and see if that changes anything. I’ll get right back to you.

Just tried with mobile data. No luck. I’ll try and reset my router and see what happens.

Alright… maybe it fixes itself tommorow… Let me know when you have any updates.

… and maybe one more test… Does the video play for you on this site:

No. It turns out the video didn’t play on listen on repeat. What might that mean?
I’m resetting my router now.

Okay… so it’s most likely not related to Watch2Gether but to embeded Youtube videos in general. It could very well be an issue on Youtube’s side as well.

Thanks so much. I reset the router and nothing worked yet. I appreciate the troubleshooting. I’ll let you know if things get better.

Okay. Funny thing. As just a test, I tried to run the video in Edge. It totally worked. I have no idea why. I’m not the technical but in the meantime. I’ll work with that.
Thanks again.

Thats really interesting… Do you still have the same issue today or are there any changes?