Chat gets very slow, along with videos, since you've let the chat save from the very beginning. (New Update)

When there’s too many texts in the chat, watch has a habit of being SUPER laggy. I did enjoy it better when messages were deleted at some point to keep the chat fast and the videos responsive.
I don’t know if it’s just me, but having to refresh your page constantly isn’t ideal. Is there a setting I could use that lets texts be deleted, or could that be added?

Hi and thanks a lot for your feedback. About how many messages to you have in chat window when you start to experience the issues? Which browser on which operating system are you using?

Thanks a lot for the info. That does not sound like a good user experience. Sorry for that. Is your laptop a bit older?

just wanna say that I am also experiencing this same problem, chatting with my partner and then everything starts to get super slow until you reload the whole page

Thanks for your input. About how many messages do you have in the chat window when it gets slow? Do you and your partner both experience the slowdown?

For everyone experiencing this issue: I need to know which browser / version / operating system you are using to trace down this issue. If you are not sure, this site helps you to figure out the details:

It usually does it with every browser that uses flash, I tested every chrome and firefox powered browser and none of them can reduce the lag on my end.

Thanks a lot for your feedback. So does that mean when you disable the flash plugin in the browser the problem is gone? Or how do you know its related to flash? - Florian

well I really don’t know but it seems that the chat is really slow with that expanded video feature where the youtube screen is bigger. I have a feeling that is the issue

Hmm, what do you exactly mean with “expanded video feature”?

turns out I had malware so never mind what I was saying, If anyone has issues with the site, Use ADWCleaner for sure!