Changing the User ID

I have created a room for a watch party and have asked people to check out the room before the event, so they can change their ID to something I will recognize as them. However, I can’t get everyone to do that (for a variety of reasons).

So, I’m going to set the room up so that I approve people before they come in. It would be nice if their USERID that is initially randomized was able to be changed to something recognizable before they try to enter the room. Is that possible? Or, only after you enter the room? I’m pretty sure most of my attendees will not sign up for an account with Watch2Gether though I have been promoting as a great app to use.

Thanks for your input!

Thanks a lot for your input! I agree that this would be a nice feature and i’ll put it on the todo list. In the meantime you can ask your visitors to create a free Watch2Gether account. This allows them to set their nickname before they enter a room.