Changes to the chatbox, possible?


I think the icons should be smaller. They appear small when chatting, but if you open image in next tab, it’s larger than it seems. Can you make the icons smaller or give the option to shrink the actual profile picture?

Can the chatbox retain more messages than it currently does? The box currently retains 20 lines of messages, then deletes old messages for new ones to maintain the 20. If everyone is talking, hard to see what we were talking 1 or 2 minutes ago. Is it possible to extend the transcript?

Do you think it would be better if the chat showed your own profile image?

Not sure if someone suggested these because there is no search function for the help section. I like this site in general, but hope there are some changes to better the experience. Thank you.

Thanks for your feedback! Are you referring to the avatar images next to the chat bubble or the emoji icons within the chat messages?

No problem. I am referring to the avatar images next to the messages. The emoji icons are alright for now. Can the avatars be made smaller for their actual size? Thanks!