Cant watch together?


my boyfriend and I tried to watch a movie recently on watch2gether (from a streaming website and not supported by watch2gether) and it didnt really start simultaneously, as its supposed to, even tho it worked a few days ago. He lives in a different country, but i dont think that that actually matters.

btw the website told us to install a browser extension and in this extension at the top showed up this sentence…

Watch2Gether: Searching for video… (You might need to press PLAY if the video is not found)

Pressing play didnt solve the problem.

can someone help us?

lots of love,


Hi and thanks for you feedback. W2gSync, the feature you were using, provides support for videos on sites that Watch2Gether is not directly supporting in its player. As there are millions of sites hosting videos it’s hard to say what specifically went wrong in you case. If you like you can sent me the link to the video in question as private message and i have a look.