Can't use application audio with screen share

I want to screen share games since the quality seems alot better and more stable than discord but they have no option to enable audio for applications, only screens. If I use screen share with audio it works fine but it also picks up the person im talking to in discord and they can hear them self. Does anyone have a solution or fix?


Thanks for your input! Im currently still investigating this but it looks like it’s not possible to selectively pick up audio from other applications with browser based screensharing. But I’ll have another look next week!

To add my own two cents, for some reason I can’t screen share with audio my whole screen. There is no option for sharing audio when choosing exact application to share. Audio option works only if I share one of the browser tabs.

I’ll be waiting news on the issue

Following since im having the same issue.

I’m also stuck at the same problem…

Sorry for disappearing for almost a year though :sweat_smile: