Can't sync new pages with Watch2Gether extension

I can no longer sync new pages when I go to another page in the window that pops up for W2gSync. If I go to a page and click a link that directs me to a new page, it just says searching for video and has no sync option. It only works if I post the link and play it from the chat. I’ve been having this issue for more than a week now I believe. I’m seeing this same issue for both firefox and chrome’s extensions.

Is this not supported anymore? Or is this a bug? It was very convenient to change pages from within the pop up and just sync a new episode.

I appreciate any help and a big thanks to watch2gether for doing what it does, it’s quite awesome.

Thanks a lot for your feedback. There was indeed an issue. Please update your extension to version 7.7 and it should work again. (This version will become available for Firefox a little bit later)

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It appears to work the same as before now, thanks a lot.

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