Cant stream to TV (Chrome cast icon disappears after I sign in)


While I’m logged out of watch2gether I see the Icon for google chromecast (the button you press to stream to your TV) but after I paid for watch2gether, log in, and watch the exact same thing the button is gone. I logged out and in, reloaded, tried different videos etc. Its just gone. How do I get the button back?

Hi and thanks for getting in touch. The Chromecast icon only appears if there is a Chromecast available and ready to cast in your network. When you open in the same browser, can you cast a video from there?

Yes, I can from youtube. It appears on your site as well (until I sign in). If I’m not signed in its there. I click it and it asks me to buy watch2gether +Plus. After I buy it and sign in the icon is gone.

When you are not a plus member the icon is always visible to let people know that this feature is available in general and can be used with a plus upgrade. Once you are a member, the icon is only visible when there is actually a Chromecast available in the network which can be used. I agree that this is a bit missleading and might need better communication.

Besides this, the feature should work when there is a Chromecast available. I have just tested it with my setup and it works fine. Are you 100% sure, that your Chromecast is connected and available right now?

I can stream to my TV from youtube, from windows media player, etc, just not from watch2gether. Its a similar button on every other application but its just gone on watch2gether :(. it’s not a big deal, just disable my paid account if we can’t get it fixed.

Im sorry that its not working. Which version of Chrome are you using? And which version of Chromecast do you have?

Version 59.0.3071.115 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Chrome cast is default (whatever comes with Chrome by default)

With Chromecast i mean the stick that you put into your TV to enable streaming. Or are you using some kind of build-in streaming functionality of your TV?

Its built into my TV. Its the same service that works for every other website that allows streaming, including my offline windows media player. Does your site only work with this usb plug in?

Hi… there are a couple of different streaming systems out there. The site should work with everthing that is “Google Cast” compatible, What kind of TV do you own?