Can't Stop (Pause) Video

if I play a video and I want to stop (pause) the video, it doesn’t work! it stop for 1 second and restart again.

Thanks for your feedback. Make sure to use the Watch2Gether player controls underneath the video. Pause should work then. Does that help?

Yeah, you can’t pause a video using alternate methods (clicking on the video screen, using space bar, etc)

Only the play/pause button on the bottom-left corner of the player will actually pause the video.

I feel like clicking the video -should- count as pausing the video, though – people who click the screen and “temporarily pause for 1 second” many times just de-sync themselves from the other viewers and cause issues.

Thanks for your feedback! Its a bit tricky to sync the status of the player when the play state change is initiated through the native player controls. That’s why it’s currently disabled. But I appreciate your input and will think about it once more!

Which issues do you experience with people who try to pause by clicking on the player?

Wouldn’t it be possible to create an invisible frame above the video player?

Thanks for your input! Yes that would be possible but it would violate the terms of service of Youtube which do not allow to put anything on top of the player (to allow interactions with ads etc).

Would it be possible to add a hint when you try to pause the video without the controls? It’s impossible to know that it’s not a bug (as such) - at first I thought someone else was constantly restarting the video I tried to stop.

Otherwise, is there a way to get a bigger interface? Maybe just a separated play/pause button somewhere on the edge, easy to hit?
With a big screen you need some fine movements to hit the rather small play/pause button - hitting the viewing area is easier, and nothing discourages you from doing so…

I am a new user and I am seeing the similar behavior when the video has to be played on a popup window outside of the Watch2gether screen. I can’t pause the video. The video just stops for a second and goes on. Is there a workaround for this problem?

Hey, in this case you have to use Watch2Gether’s player controls. Either in Watch2Gether itself or in the small green bar at the top of the popup window.