Can't Start a vídeo

I cant watch any video, i tried to watch on chrome, Opera and Internet Explore, the screen keep black. My friends can watch normally.

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Can you try to disable all of your browser extensions and check if that makes a difference?

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having this issue today too. Seems like autoplay is broken

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Do you have any extensions installed in your browser? Please try to disable them and see if that makes a difference.

I’ve already done that. The problem didn’t go away.

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Same, i disabled extensions and seeing the videos not starting

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Can you please visit this page and post back “Your web browser’s unique URL” it provides?

Hi, I tried to play a video today, and it runned normally.

Thank you guys.

Thanks for that feedback!

Really bad for us today. I have an account and i’m the host, and i experience no problems. I have two friends who have guest accounts, running on Chrome with no extensions and none of the videos are playing

Thanks for your input. Do other videos not from YouTube work for them? Are they using some kind of VPN Software?

… and does it make a difference when they switch the interface language? (In the room settings - icon top right)

Yeah we tried doing all of that…

My friends and I are developers, we’re thinking it’s a CORS problem on Chrome. We pulled up the console and noticed some errors

Although what’s weird is that it only happens on some videos and not others… maybe some race condition? Also since our room seems to be the only one experiencing this, could it be just our faulty server?

using safari seemed to help, which adds to my belief that it’s a chrome CORS thing. My computer (the one that has been working) is on the latest chrome, i’ll make sure my friends are using the latest version of Chrome too

Newest chrome didn’t fix it all, this is the error i got

www-widgetapi.js:368 Failed to execute 'postMessage' on 'DOMWindow': The target origin provided ('') does not match the recipient window's origin ('').

could be overwriting cookies?

Thanks a lot for your feedback! This is a YouTube internal error message that I have seen before… So far the videos always played despite the error. Are the videos working when the room is opened in an incognito window?

What do the affected users actually see in the player? Just a black screen?

What would actually help is if you could copy the Iframe embed code of the player from the chrome developer tools & post it here.

I don’t know if you rolled out a change, but things seem to be working today!

Also unrelated but i got my host ‘crown’ icon back haha

Thanks for that feedback! Yes, i rolled out a change and i was hoping it would make a difference in your case. Great, that it worked out!

You are a beast, love the site man