Can't post messages while Adblock Plus is enabled

G’day W2G.

Straight to it, since the new update I can’t post any messages in a video room unless I turn Adblock Plus off, is this intended as a way to make us see your ads?


Thanks a lot for your feedback. I tested the site with adblock and everything works fine. Which adblock extension are you using and which filter lists are enabled?

I use Adblock Plus ( and the extensions I have are:



Adblock Warning Removal List

I completely forgot that we could turn off the filters so… I tested 'em out by enabling them individually and refreshing a W2G room out page each time, and found out that the EasyPrivacy filter was the culprit.

Thanks a lot for the Info! I tested today with AdBlock Plus & easyprivacy and it worked fine. Ist this the standard easy privacy list from the options dialog? Are you running Chrome?

Yes I have Chrome and the EasyPrivacy filter I downloaded from:

Thanks i have a look at that list and let you know…

I installed the list from your link but i still can’t reproduce the issue. Are you 100% sure it’s the EasyPrivacy list?

Alright, i finally found & fixed the issue. Thanks for your help!

Sorry for my lateness but well done. How’d ya do it?

Thanks for you feedback. It wasn’t really Ad related. More a general bug in the Javascript code which was triggered by some ad block rules.