Can't pause the video and playlist doesn't autoplay (YouTube)

The pause button isn’t working, and if I click on the video it stop for a second and then it restart.
When a video of a playlist finishes, it doesn’t start playing the following video.
All this bugs are annoying af. Please fix these asap. Thanks.

Hi & thanks for the feedback. Do you mean the pause button in the player control bar? Could it be that moderation has been enabled for this room?

Yes, I mean the button in the bar.
How do I check the moderation settings?
I resolved the playlist problem by the way.

When you create a new room (just for testing) do you have the same issue there? And which browser / version are you using?

I created a new room and sometimes it works, sometimes not. I’m on Firefox 65.0 (64 bit)

Are the other functions working fine (for example changing the room colors)? Or do you see issues there as well?

No, there it doesn’t seem there are other issues.

Can you explain the issue with the pause button a bit further. Does it change at all when you click on it?

Sometimes the button works and it pauses the video, sometimes it doesn’t.
Sometimes clicking on the video will pause the video for a sec and then it restart.
For example, now it only works the button and clicking on the video doesn’t. In a previous room both the button and clicking on the video didn’t work. It’s a random thing, sometimes a thing work and the other not or viceversa, or maybe both works or both don’t.
Don’t know how to explain better.

Alright, it’s normal that clicking on the video is not working. The play state can only be changed through the Watch2Gether player controls under the video. Watch2Gether has to keep everything in-sync, therefore the video starts playing again after you have clicked on it. The controls under the video, however, should always work… unless the owner of the room has enabled moderation.

Ok, thanks for the support :slight_smile:

As a follow up: I just identified & fixed one more network related issue that might have caused these kind of symptoms for Firefox users. Let me know if you continue to experience sync issues.