Cant pause, or reduce the volume, or stop the video

I cant stop the video i play, or the video plays automatically, i cant stop it , i cant reduce the volume , cant do nothing. Please help. Chrome

Hi there… Did you try to reload the site? (Hold shift key down while reloading to refresh the cache as well)

sometimes that happen to me . . . but i check again . . . . my connection is lol
hahahahaha . . . . it’s okay dude be patience hehehehe :yum:

when u pause the video . . . don’t click on screen . . . click on pause/pay button tbh i try that n that’s work

I just rolled out an update… can you check if things are working for you now?

hai florian
about anime things is that work now ? . . . . becauce on Youtube so less anime full episode

It happens to me too but it’s always like this, I don’t have any bar under the video and I can’t do nothing

im having this same issue still…

There was an issue on super wide monitors. Should now be fixed. Please have a look!