Can't load full playlist

Hi there ! I am asking you for help me out !
The issue is with playlist which contains about 250 songs. When I import playlist to watch2gether it loads and import only 100 songs. There was no problem before to import playlist with 350 songs.Is there now any limits ? What’s going on ?

Thanks a lot. This is a known limitation at the moment but it only affects the import. A playlist on Watch2Gether can contain more than 100 items. We are working on a fix for this.

Sorry just reading this, my playlist has 38 items on it and the import still doesn’t seem to work (keeps loading forever). Is that something I did wrong - I put the playlist link into the search box and click search.
Thank you!

Thanks for your input. Yes there seems to be something broken at the moment. I’ll look into it tomorrow.

Still not working , it loads only 100 songs from playlist. Can you do something about that, we’re waiting more than 2 weeks to get fix on this.

@user_95f53b7185f71fb ?

Sorry for the delay. Unfortunately this is not easy to fix. I’ll keep you posted.