Can't change username

I’m not able to change my name, and the same happens for the people in my room

Hi… i can not reproduce the problem at this time. Does this also happen when you create a new room?

dunno, I haven’t created new rooms in a while

Can you try it out? If its just a problem in one specific room, please send me the link to the room to and i’ll have a look.

I thought I set my Username when I made my account, but instead I have both a Username and a Name.

How do I change my actual Username? Whenever anyone else asks this question someone responds with how to change their Name, but I want to know how to change my Username

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Hi @jerrodwilliams98, the username here in the support forum is different from the one in a Watch2Gether room. Its automatically generated and is only visible here in the forum. Right not this username can not be changed. Sorry for the confusion, i’ll try to make this clearer in the future.

Yeah, I had the same issue @jerrodwilliams98. The support forum uses your email address to create your name. I ended up creating a whole new account to deal with it; it’s a PITA. :sob:

I’m probably just gonna deal with it. Honestly it shouldn’t be using my email account for the name in the first place after it also asks for a Username. That just seems very misleading.

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