Cannot upload my full playlist

My playlist from Youtube has over 300 songs and I normally have no problem uploading all of it, but today it will only upload the first 50 songs from the playlist. I have tried multiple times and it just continues to have the same outcome.

Thanks for your feedback. Can you share a link to that playlist?

Yes I can, but it is not uploading the full playlist. It is only uploading the first 50 songs every time.

That’s what i would like to test. Can you please send me the link to - Thanks!

Thanks for that info. I found the bug and you should be able to import the whole list now. Be aware, that the import takes some time.


I know it’s an old post but I have the same problem, except it takes the first 100 videos, and I don’t really know why. Don’t want to create a new topic since this one already exists. Here’s the playlist .


I am having the same issue- stops at just under 100 videos. 1. Can you fix this? here’s my playlist.
2. Is there a way to add songs to the playlist in here without disrupting the music playing and what others are listening to/watching with you?

I am having a similar issue and cannot find a title or anything that would bugger up the loading process. Would you mind taking a look at my playlist please?

Thank you

I’m having the same issue with my music playlist. Its only showing the first 50ish videos when it used to be able to get up to 500. Its really frustrating.

Its not even the full upload ether, its just wanting to have the videos show up under the player so i can easily click the next song from anywhere in the playlist without any auto play.

Playlist import is currently limited to the first 100 videos. It’s a known issue. We are working on a fix…

Its been 3 months and it is still limited to 100 is there any new info?

It’s still bugged. Do you think that it will ever work again like before without the 100 video limitation?

Yes, sorry for the delay… It’s not so easy to fix but still on the todo list!

Is it still broken? I’m having the same problem.