Cannot load videos from youtube

Hello! I’ve been using a watch2gether room when just today, it would not load youtube videos at all. I can’t search for the videos and it will not let me add any videos from youtube. It was working fine yesterday and i even created another room to see if that particular room was the problem but it is didn’t let me load videos from youtube. I can add videos from soundcloud or the other site but not Youtube.

Thanks a lot for reporting this. There was a problem with the Youtube access, which has been resolved. Everything should be working normally again.

Doesnt work for me, always says (german) Keine Inhalte gefunden… If i wanna find a video

Hmmm… are you signed into a Youtube account? Did your network configuration change somehow?

Does it make a difference when you sign out of your youtube account?

I’m having the same problem and signing out doesn’t seem to have done anything. I have gotten new internet between it working and not but there was also about 3 months so it might not be that

A couple of questions: Do you see just a blank screen instead of the video? Can you watch the selected videos directly on YouTube? Which browser are you using?

I have the same issue it’s just a black blank screen and I can watch it on youtube I’m on chrome but the thing is my friend can watch it and they’re on chrome as well

Is this just one specific video that is not working or all videos from Youtube?

It’s all youtube videos. I’ve even tried to watch other videos from the other sites like vimeo and such and they all work it’s just youtube that’s being weird

Does Youtube work for you when you try an incognito window or a different browser?

Yes it works when I go on incognito

I don’t think it has anything to do with chrome extensions because it had been working before with the current extensions and I’m not really sure why this is happening

I would try to disable your extensions one by one. Most likely one of them is causing the issue. It could be that one got an update, that’s why it worked before.

It’s now working I just checked if it could play a video and it worked and I didn’t even disable any extensions

I’m glad its working again, would be interesting to know what caused the issue though…

Yeah, idk what happened it just starting working out of nowhere

I’m having the same problem now, black screen, no videos work, but my friend can watch on chrome. I turned off all my extensions and nothing changed, any ideas?

Thanks for reporting this. Can you send me the report from

Did you try to clear your cookies & cache already?