Cannot change video quality

Hello, 2 days ago suddently I am unable to change the quality of videos that I am watching on watch2gether from youtube, usually I would have changed the quality on youtube and then it would automatically use the same setting in watch2gether, but now that doesn’t work, and pressing the quality options on watch2gether changes nothing and when the next video is put it automatically switches over to hd720 option.

I am watching on [Chrome 85 on Windows 10]

Thanks for your feedback. There is currently an issue with 3rd party cookies on YouTube embeds which affects how settings from YT can be transfered to Watch2Gether. I hope this can be resolved soon.

I cannot control what Video quality I want now, I have limited Mobile data (I hotspot internet from my phone)
My dataplan is 12GBs a month… 1080P Kills that quickly… I hope this can be resolved quickly, is there anything I can do to help with the progression of bringing this feature back?
What is it exactly with the cookies in particular that is causing this?

Thanks a lot for your feedback. YouTube’s player only allows to suggest qualities but there is no way to force them from outside. If you are watching on Watch2Gether I would assume that the player does not run on 1080p by default since the video on the site is much smaller. It might have an influence on the data transfer to make the window running Watch2Gether even smaller… Another thing that you can try is to throttle the connection speed in the developer console. Using Chrome, right click somewhere in the room and select “Inspect” then go to the network tab of the dialog that opens. At the top you’ll find a throttling drop-down that allows you to select different network speeds. This way you can force the player into selecting a lower video quality. Hope that helps.