Cancel Plus Subscription

I have been trying to cancel for several weeks - no luck

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Hi and thanks for getting in touch. I just checked it, you subscription has already been canceled and is running out mid May. You have never been charged and will not be charged in the future. Hope this helps.

Hi I am trying to cancel my subscription but I do not see the option to cancel

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After login, please select “Edit Profile” > +PLUS > Cancel (next to the subscription in the list)

Does that help?


Hello I want to cancel my subscription. Thank you

I just canceled your subscription. Thanks for trying +PLUS!

Feedback to Watch2Gether/Paddle Company:

Watch2Gether/Paddle really needs to improve the user interface (UI) to make it easier for users to know how to cancel their subscription on their own without having to search the community forum or emailing support to do it. The location of your “cancel subscription” function is not obvious to users at all and is hidden. I had the same issue and could not figure out where to go to cancel my subscription. I clicked on all account and profile related buttons and couldn’t figure it out. I searched your community and found this post but it was still not clear.

No one will ever figure out on their own that clicking the “+PLUS” icon in their account profile would lead to canceling or deleting the subscription. Your UI needs to change to have all account related functions in one place and with very obvious titles/icons/headlines. This will save your support team time and save users the headache of trying to figure out how to cancel. We understand companies have goals of reducing churn and increasing customer retention so you make it difficult ot cancel, but it will also cause frustration because your UI is not user friendly.

I hope this reply and feedback helps others.


  1. after logging in to your account, at the top right, click the little down arrow, then click EDIT PROFILE
  2. once you are in the EDIT PROFILE screen, click the icon that says “+PLUS” located next to “change password” below the boxes with your name and email.
  3. you are now in the SUBSCRIPTION screen, click CANCEL, then click DONE.
  4. next, click “CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION”
  5. finally, you will see a confirmation that your subscription has been canceled.
  6. watch for an email from confirming cancellation.

I appreciate your feedback! I agree that the +PLUS link in the account settings could be better named “+PLUS Subscription” As the you have mentioned the +PLUS product is sold through which is a reseller and payment provider for digital products. The other steps you have mentioned are therefore defined and required by their subscription management workflow.