Can we take a look at the shuffle feature

I believe that the shuffle feature is not working as intended, I believe that shuffle shouldn’t repeat songs until all songs in the playlist have played. Sometimes we’ll go 5-10 songs and a song plays again. Is it possible to not repeat these songs until all songs in a playlist or at least 50% + of the playlist has played?

Hey thanks for your feedback. The playlist system stores the state of the items locally in the browser to keep track of which items have already been played. But I’ll have a second look if everything works as it should.

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My best friend and I use W2G to listen to the same music while we play games several days each week. We’ve noticed that despite there being hundreds of songs in our playlists, the shuffle feature tends to play the same 20 or so songs every session, and some songs never come up. It doesn’t matter which songs we start with, we can always count on those 20 or so songs coming up sometime during our session. Is there a way to make the shuffle feature more random?

Thanks for your feedback. I’d like to take a look at it. How many songs do you have in your playlist? Could it be that you added some songs more than once?

Nope, we’ve checked that and there are no duplicate songs. My list has nearly 1000 songs and his has at least half that. We go through them periodically to check for broken links and replace them.

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Also, in regards to the first post, we’ve noticed the songs repeating more often lately. It used to be that it only happened when we started a new song manually (we figured that “restarting” the playlist like that cleared the previously played list) but now it happens when we haven’t touched it. So add that to the issue I mentioned and we’ll sometimes hear those same 20 or so songs two or three times. We’re just hoping to get a little more variety.

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Okay, I’ll have a look the randomizer tomorrow.

I just had a deeper look into the shuffle function and i can’t spot any issues. The function remembers the played items and should not repeat them unless you switch back and forth between playlists or refresh the browser… and even then with 1000 items in the list it’s hard to explain why you keep on hearing the same 20 songs.

Honestly it’s quite odd. I love this site though and it’s hard to complain too much. I just wish we could figure it out. It def seems to still be happening. We listen every weekend for about 6 hours each night. So 12 hours a weekend and we feel like we’re getting about the same issue as you. My thought would be the entire playlist would play through before that one gets played again, or at least a higher percentage some 60% or so.

Yeah, it’s weird. When we were playing on Wednesday we noticed that it seemed to be playing all the songs it had played on Tuesday. It’s like it has its own favorite songs that it always wants to play and never gets to some of the others.

Thanks for your feedback! Maybe it’s a self formed AI that i’m not aware of :wink: I do have an idea for an alternative algorithm though and i will implement that next week. I’ll let you know so that you can test it out.

Am I misunderstanding something about this feature that makes it difficult? Shuffling a sequence is certainly a solved problem and the site seems to deal with syncing data across clients well enough. How does this differ from e.g. the voting feature, which also provides a temporary sort order? Even implementing shuffle as “switch to voting mode and assign a random number of votes to every song in the list” would work better than the current approach.