Can’t create a permanent room

I already tried to name my Room to save it (the save button is with a grey colour(i belive it should be orange/yellow)) and when i click the button it just creates temporary room.(and i have an account)

Thanks for your feedback. Does it make a difference when you hit Enter after filling out the name filed instead of clicking on the Save button? Which browser are you using? Does it work for you when try it with a different browser?

I’am using FireFox right now. And no, it makes no difference when i click enter after filling out the name

Do you have some other browser installed that you can try? I’m asking because in my tests saving rooms works fine and I need to understand why it’s not working in your case.

I tried to use google chrome instead and it worked. Thanks for helping me ^^ *ribbit ribbit (happy frog sounds)

Thanks a lot for that info! I just tried it with my Firefox and it worked fine. Would be great to figure out why your Firefox has this problem. Do you run the latest version of Firefox? Do you have any extensions installed in Firefox?

Currently cannot save rooms for permanent use, why?

I just did a check and saving rooms works fine for me. Can you describe the issue in detail? Please include the browser and version you are using.

Chrome, Er. Version? like of windows? 10… And I type in the name and everything and hit save (also tried enter.) and it just refreshes the page withoutsaving.

Which name did you try to give the room?

‘Ani’s Den’ & ‘Ani’s Chill Zone’

Thanks! I think the issue is caused by the " ’ " character in the name. You could try saving the room without it. I’ll look into a permanent fix this week.