Can’t adjust video volume on mobile (iphone)

hi! i like to use w2g on my phone when i don’t want to use my laptop, and i can adjust the volumes of each member with their mic perfectly fine, but the volume button for the video itself seems to be completely missing. however, on my friend’s phone (which is an android, as opposed to my iphone) the volume button is right there. normally this would not be a problem, but the videos play at a very loud volume even at the lowest phone setting that it actually hurts lol. how can i fix this/is this an android specific feature?

btw i have used multiple different browsers and each of them (safari, firefox, chrome) and none of them give me the volume option

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Thanks for your feedback and apologies for my late reply. Unfortunately this is a limitation of apple devices. The volume of a video element is always under control of the physical device volume buttons and can not be changed from the website by custom volume controls. You have to use the controls of your phone in order to change the volume of the video playing.