Can I hide Playlists from others in rooms?

I know I can stop others accessing playlists but can I hide the playlist I create I am playing at the time? I don’t want people to see what is going to play next and want it to be a suprise.

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In the controls there is a playlist checkbox. I believe that you can turn the playlist off or on with that control. (click on that settings gear in the upper right hand corner, scroll down to “Enable Moderation” then try clicking the “Playlist” box on and off.

no this just allows others to look and choose playlists or not. I don’t want others to be able to SEE the playlist or what is in the playlist that is being used. Thanks for responding though.

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I vote for this to be implemented. :100: Also I would like to see a way how to add a room to my own website, so people could go to watch there. :slight_smile:

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I also would love for this to be implemented (if it’s not already and we just don’t know how to do it) as I am hosting a chart countdown party and making the playlist visible to the guests spoilers the fun of seeing what is next.

Exactly, this is very needed basic feature I think.

It is half / half it is good for @Mitchell_James use but it could use as a “prank” tool like screamers, eptileptiker tests etc.

I am #against

Sounds like nonsense, sorry. Plus if it would be optionaly to be turned ON/OFF, everybody would decide if the function will be used or not.

Ok if its like you said ok. but it was in mouth that the Mod can turn that on / off

I would like this option to be possible. I use watch2gether for music in my role-playing games and sometimes my players lose focus because they pay more attention to the title of the song they know than to the game itself.