Cams Do Not appear most of the time, Mics Do not work sometimes

When Im on my other pc cams appear, But on my HP Flyer red In the same room. Most cams do not appear.

Sometimes I have to type to know If my mic works (Which It should) On this site. Can you please fix this bug?

P.S. It is a 50/50 chance when I mic up

HI and thanks for your feedback. How many online users do you have in the room? As you have mentioned in the other topic, there is currently a limit of 4 users who can use the webcam. This is a technical limitation due to the way the webcam system is currently implemented. The system uses a peer to peer approach without a server in the middle to distribute the webcam streams. When you have a large number of users a peer to peer system becomes very resource intensive (cpu and network) for the clients since they have to encode and decode a lot of video streams at the same time (basically 2 for every user in the room). Therefore the number is currently limited to 4 users. There will be an improved implementation in the future which should fix this issue…

When you are in a room with up to 4 users the system should work fine with an up to date chrome or firefox browser. Are you using the same browser on both of you systems? It might also help to visit this site:
Does the site report any issues on your HP?

We have alot of users yet only a few of us cam up. Its not the limit thats really a problem but rather having to refresh the website to see cams. This is also a problem with mic feed too. Cams will not appear sometimes even if its just 4 or below.

Thanks for the details. I’m sorry for the problems you are experiencing. Do you have the impression that it had worked better for you before? I have to admit that the cam feature is not yet a strength of the site. I’m working on an improvement but as I mentioned before this involves some additional backend resources and might need a little bit more time. What would help me is to get as many details about the issues as possible. For example which browsers are involved in which version, any concrete steps to reproduce and so on… Florian

Well basically Mics have a delay (Sometimes) before I can click the red to green button so I can talk, Sometimes it doesnt even work.
This site also Needs A private message feature for the purpose of private matters or something like that
and The cam feature is really glitchy, Cams even if you turn it on have a 50/50 percent chance of working and this is on chrome and firefox. I mainly use chrome but It does the same on firefox from what I know.
when you turn on your cam Either it turns on (Mostly works for me but others have issues) or it just only shows your profile pic like usual. If you need anything else let me know