Camera not working in mobile

There is a problem with Webcam when me and my friends use the room and turn on the camera, I can see myself but my friends are not able to see me and vice versa. It was working in the last week but not working from last couple of days. we are using the same mobile phones, same browsers and the same internet connection which worked for us previously. We also tried to clear the cache and cookies and tried again but not working. Please fix the issue.

Hi! Can you let me know which phones and browsers you are using? Sometimes browsers get updates which break things…

And can you please run the test on this site:

I’m using Google Chrome and device is OnePlus Nord 2.! Please find the screenshot below -Screenshot_2021-09-06-15-21-09-69_40deb401b9ffe8e1df2f1cc5ba480b12|279x499

Okay this looks good. I assume you have the latest version of Chrome installed?

Yes, I have latest version of chrome.

Okay… when your friends enable their cam, can they see each other?

They only can see their cam

How many users are you in the room with cam enabled? Just for testing: Did you try to create a new room and check if that makes a difference?