Camera flipped when broadcasting

My webcam (Logitech c922) had previously been set to be on a horizontal flip, making any text I wear on my shirts backwards. I have since changed the camera settings so I am no longer on that horizontal flip; however, the application has retained this particular setting. Everything else I have looked at (Logitech software, OBS/xSplit, even Omegle to see if Chrome was potentially the issue) has the camera displaying me correctly; it is this site that is still displaying it incorrect.

I’m wondering if there is a setting I missed on the site, or if this is a bug relating to pulling configurations from the camera that no longer exist. Thanks!

The horizontal flip is applied only to your own screen. Everyone else should see you correctly. This is the standard behavior for most webcam systems. The flip makes the screen look like a mirror which is a more natural way to look at yourself and prefered by most users.