Camera and Mic fail for all in room

Hi there,

The camera and mic are greyed out and unclickable, no one was able to use cameras or mics in the room.

Also the room participants’ profile pictures are not showing up.

this issue was replicated with all others in the room, so it must be an issue with the site itself.

Things I tried:
Chrome, Safari - same issue on both.
Restarting comp - same issue
refreshing room - same issue
Altering my computers camera settings - same issue.


Hi! How many users where online in the room?

Just two users were online in the room at the same time as me.

There are basically two rules for then the cam system is disabled.

  • When there are more than 10 users online
  • When there are more than 30 users (online + offline) in the room

Was there a larger group of offline users in your room?

There were only 3 users in the room.

When you say users in the room do you mean that have ever been in there? Or that are currently online? Because we have 3 active members in the room (green name icons) and lots of other members who are not present. So only 3 cameras.

I tried to get this sorted for an hour this morning, to no avail

As the room owner you can delete some of the other members of the room in the room settings. When there are less then 30 in total the cam system will be enabled again.

Understood, i blocked a few people and now it;s working fine. thanks!