CAM not working

My friends can see themself, but i cant see them and they cant see me.

Hi, can you run the test on this website and see if there are any errors reported:

do u know how i can fix this :

Check resolution 1280x720
[ FAILED ] getUserMedia failed with error: OverconstrainedError
[ FAILED ] getUserMedia failed with error: OverconstrainedError

Are these the only errors that you get? No errors in Network or Connectivity? When you enable your cam in Watch2Gether, do you see your own webcam image in your avatar in the userlist?

Yea and this but idk how i can fix it

Reflexive connectivity

Watch2Gether uses a technology called WebRTC for the webcam feature. Under certain network condition the system might not be able to establish a direct connection to your friends. How are you connected to the internet? Do you have the chance to try a different internet connection? It could also be possible that a firewall is blocking the webcam link.