Bug when i start a new video

Hello, when a new video is plkaying in the first 2/3 seconds a mini break occur idk if its intentional but its kinda anooying.

Besides that the new players looks kinda good, if i encounter any new bug i will report

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This is kind of intentional… the player bings the video in-sync with this skip. I think we can further improve this though.

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This might be intentional, but it has gotten significantly worse in the last month or two. I used to almost never notice it and now every single song misses several seconds of the intro, even if there is only one person in the room listening.

It’s enough that I came looking in the forums to see if other people were reporting it.

Thanks a lot for the bug report! There was indeed a server issue. Everything should be working again!

It does seems better now, although still worse than I remember from say 6 months ago. On the other hand, maybe I wasn’t paying close attention back then.

It has become worse, meaning: it happens with every clip and it also happens when starting a clip somewhere in the middle.
I show film excerpts to my students. Most of them are very short and it has become very difficult to work with Watch2Gether, I must say.

Thanks a lot for your feedback! From which source are you showing content (YouTube?) And how long are the clips on average? There might be the option to optimise the system for very short content pieces.

Thanx for your answer, Florian. I show clips from my payed Vimeo account. The clip’s length varies from 20s to several minutes.
Average probably 2min.
Would be great to have an option concerning clip length.

Thanks for your answer. Vimeo is sometimes a bit hard to sync up because the player reacts quite slowly to commands and it therefore takes a bit more time. But I’ll have a look if I can improve the behaviour for short clips.

I agree with Jommydoo and Tilmann: the skipping/repeat has gotten worse, and it’s now at the beginning of every single video (usually in the first 2 second). It’s very jarring, and my students have also started to notice it. This had made W2G much less attractive as a platform.

Thanks for your input. I assume your are showing short clips to your students?

i have the same problem as the others. first seconds of the video there are breaks and skips, usually around the 1 second mark and then the 4 second mark. for me its bad because i use w2g for the music in my D&D Campaign, and having a tense moment or moodchange start with a tech glitch is always off putting. i would LOVE it if you could fix this soon.

Thanks a lot for all of your feedback. I rolled out an update today which should make the sync process a bit smoother. Some of the skips are unavoidable if you want to achieve synchronous playback but there is some room to fine tune. Please clear your cache and reload the site & let me know if you see a difference!

This might have to go through a couple of iterations until we find the right balance between synchronous and smooth playback. Thanks for your help!

I understand that sync is challenging across distributed devices, but the main takeaway is that this used to work very well, almost never skipping. Right now it’s bad enough that I’m pleasantly surprised when I make all the way through a video without skipping, even when I’m in the room alone.

Thanks for your feedback! Are you watching videos from YouTube or from other sources?

Yes, YouTube is the overwhelming majority of my watch time.

Same problem. I’m alone in my session and every video break after few seconds for a second. Really not fun for shorts movies. Or when I stop a video in the middle and restart same break for 1-2 sec. ( All my video are from youtube )

Thanks for getting in touch. I’m currently working on an improvement for this which will be rolled out next week.