Browser extension required

Just wanna let you know i already have the browser extension ready.
the thing is that at one moment it worked totally fine and one moment later it says i need the extension even though i already have it.
my friends also have this problem but youtube vids are still fine.
is this just a glitch that will go away at some point or is there a way to fix this?

You mean you select a video to play through the extension and it works and then another one and it asks you to install the extension? Does this happen without reloading the site? Are you on Chrome or on Firefox?

I have the same issue. First the video stops every 2 seconds. Then i tried f5 and it says i need extension. However i already installed it a few years ago

i put te link in the search bar and then it tells me to get the extension but i already have the extension.
i use chrome and i also tried to make a new room

1: yes
2:It also happens with new rooms and reload.
3:I use Chrome.

so it seems it works again.
dunno if it happened automatically or not but it doesn’t ask me to install the extension anymore and i can watch the things i wanna watch again.

Yes, there was a bug sorry. Please try a Shift-Reload it should then work again.

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thank you for fixing it

i have the same issue