Better moderation

I’ve been in support of this website since I found it at least two years ago, even funded it since then.

The moderation is really lack luster.
I use this site as a dj while we play games, so I get lots of people in the player, most with no accounts and most people I don’t personally know. I’ve had my playlist wiped out several times, with no idea who did it, and my only solution is to turn off adding of music. Which when my playlist is wiped, is incredibly annoying, as I enjoy having other people put their music in.

It’d be nice to have more options for moderation, for example individual options for allowing adding of videos, as well as deleting of videos. Maybe either making that a member only thing, or across everyone. I’m not picky there, whichever would be easier would make my life a lot less stressful.

It’d also be nice to have a separate log away from chat, so I know what’s being added and removed.

Thanks a lot for your feedback. I agree that this would be usefull in your case! We are working on a better playlist system which will solve these issues. In the meantime you can enable moderation for the playlists and tell people to paste their links into the chat. They show up as suggestions there and as the owner you can add them to the current playlist.

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