Better API

Alright, so I’ve been writing a bot that should in theory check the videos posted in watch2gether and who posted it. However currently the only way I can go about doing thing, I think, is by scraping your site and obtaining the data then. My bot wouldn’t visit the site often just every time I need it too which is usually every 3-4 weeks.

I help run a subreddit for a few of my friends and we watch a bunch of videos together. Usually quick 10-30 second videos and the occasional 2-5 minute ones. After we watch a playlist I tally up who input what in the watch2gether and keep track of it all. As of right now I’ve tallied around 2,000 videos watched. You can probably tell that doing this manually is quite annoying so if I can do it automatically it would make my life so much easier.

Honestly, this idea is just for me and my subreddit but would be cool to have some sort of API that can give us the amount of videos in the watch2gether and who posted them. If I’m thinking way to hard about this and you can think of an easier way to accomplish this please tell me.

~ Cheers

Thanks for your feedback! You are right that the current embed API is just very minimal and that there is much room for improvement. There will be a better API for sure but its a question of resources and priority when this can be implemented. Do i understand you correctly that you simply would like to have a list of all videos ever viewed in a room?

I want to have a list of videos in a room and who put those videos in.