Being kicked even when I registered

So I made an account in November thinking i could have a room longer because I’m in a long distance relationship it just seemed easier and that we could bookmark it but it still kicked us anyways but now the service bot leaves a message saying that it will last forever when you register so I signed in butthe service bot still comes in and still kicks us after the 24h period, please fix this, I hate liars and hope you actually care about what you created, watch2gether is a great place for couples in the same situation as I am, I hope you can fix the bug soon, thank you.

Thanks a lot for your feedback. Did you actually save your room? After you have created a room as a registered user, click on the menu icon in the top right corner, In the menu bar you find the Option “Save Room” Provide a name for the room and click on “Save”. Now your room is saved and will never be deleted.