Behavior Changed on iOS 15.0 (no full screen no autoplay)

On iOS (iPad/iPhone) while using a browser Apple has changed the video full screen maximize behavior from using the toggle full-screen icon (which used to be located in the lower right hand of a youtube video window) to double tapping on the video itself. It seems like this change also affects the auto-play-next feature of playlists. I have a few friends that join my room via Windows (using Chrome) and the playlist works as it should - plays a video and then goes to the next one (autoplay is enabled on all of my lists). They also still have the “toggle full screen button.” For people on iOS they now have to click the play button to start the next video every time (while for everyone else its playing). On iOS using Safari the toggle full screen icon is no longer available. It was there before 15.0. For their part Chrome and Firefox never supported the toggle full-screen functionality (which is why I used Safari); in addition, the auto-play-next feature no longer works on iOS using any browser that has the video full screened. I’ve tried all three browsers listed above. This behavior stared after the last iOS update a couple of weeks ago. The affected devices are on iPadOS 15.0

Is there any response on this?

Thanks a lot for you feedback!

The autoplay issue is related to the way the new player is integrated. All iOS devices require a user interaction when a player in a new iframe is being loaded, which happens every time a new video is selected. There might be a workaround though. I’ll have a look at it next week.

Any update on this issue?

At the moment i’m not seeing a way to make autoplay work without a user interaction on iOS. This is a limitation Apple build into their product and it’s hard to work around it without rebuilding the whole setup.

Thanks. I appreciate the follow-up.