Beginning my story

I am at the beginning of my story, so this post is part one. I am joining so that my 3 year old daughter can watch videos with her oversees cousin and friends. Besides keeping in touch with loved ones, it’s a way of keeping up with her other language, as she’s bilingual but has relatively little chance to practice her weaker language these days. It’s also a great icebreaker for meeting new friends, or friends she hasn’t seen for a while, as kids can be shy sometimes. Seeing each other laugh at the same thing I think will really help. I’m just having a few teething problems at the moment, with trailers showing that aren’t for her age, but hopefully I’ll find a way around that, and then I’ll be able to share part 2 of my story.

Thanks for you story Nina! Regarding the trailer i replied to your post in the “Help” section!