Banned from my own room

Hello! Just today, when I logged in, I was not able to go into my room seen as my account. I was put as a guest. I also am not able to delete any rooms, or do anything that I could normally do on my profile. It’s like I’m signed in, but I’m not seen as signed in? It’s very odd. I can sign in on my phone, but not my laptop.
Is there any way to fix this?

I got the same shit its frustrating as hell

Which browser / version are you guys using? Did you try to clear the cache?

I just ran some tests. Could it be that you are on Safari < version 12?

I just rolled out a fix that should help in this case. Please give it a try!

It is working again, thank you! Sorry I couldn’t get to reply to you sooner. Have a good day!

No problem, thanks for your bug report!

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