Background image not saving, every time back to the one of the original w2g wallpapers

Like in the title, every time me or my friend change the original wallpaper in our room, its going back after we refresh w2g, can someone help me? Its a bug or we did something wrong?

When you create a new room, does it work there?

Hi, I am experiencing the issue where the custom background wallpaper image does not stick to the room. When I create a new temporary room, it works, but I can not simply create a new room and have all the users go there because we have many people who only occasionally join our main room with the specific link. This is an inconvenience. Everytime I set a custom wallpaper (which worked before and is still less than half a MB), it changes back to a default wallpaper. The default wallpapers appear to work fine but the custom image is not working. Please fix the custom background issue and add more scenic beach default wallpapers for selection.

Can you mail me a link to the room where it’s not working?

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Also having the same problem as Char up there.

Sent you an email with a link to my room if that helps.

Just tested and yes, it works when I create a new room, even after saving, but the old room is still not working saving the background image.

Hi & thanks for your input! This issue has been resolved. You should now be able to save your backgrounds.

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