Autoplay & YouTube Quality


since today, the video I put into the room a few seconds ago (while another person is in the room) won’t autoplay from her position if I reload the page. This wouldn’t be much of a problem, if I didn’t have to reload like 20 times, because YouTube auto-scales down the quality for some reason. In the w2g settings I selected 1080p, yet it was 480p while watching on fullscreen in a 1920x1080 monitor.

Before today, I could open the video in another YouTube tab, change quality there, F5 in w2g and it would keep the setting. Now it just scales down after a while for whatever reason. 1000 MBit internet connection and when watching on YouTube directly I don’t have issues whatsoever.

Any idea? If the Autoplay problem would be fixed, the quality issue wouldn’t be such big of a deal, because I could just reload the page, after which it usually works. But if I have to put the video in again and seek to the appropriate time, it’s just a nightmare for watching together.

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Hi Simon,

with “won’t autplay” you mean that you have to click once on the player to start the video? Which browser / version are you using?

If in doubt visit:



no, I have to get the video URL, search for the video again, click on it - only then it will play. For my friend it’s playing all the time during that.

So in total:

  1. We both get into the room
  2. I start a video
  3. It runs for both of us
  4. I F5
  5. It runs for her, but NOT for me
  6. I have to put url into search bar again and click it again
  7. It runs for both of us, but at the start of the video again
  8. I have to jump back to our previous time ±

I’m using Chrome 84.0

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A couple of questions:

  • Are you watching videos from Youtube or from another source?
  • Which browser / version is your friend using?
  • Who of you is the owner of the room and are there any moderation option enabled in the room settings?
  • Do you see the same issue when you create a new room?


we watch from YouTube, she’s using Chrome aswell, I’m the owner, no moderation settings (all unticked). We’ll test tomorrow if it’s the same issue with a new room aswell.

She’s not logged in and it’s a saved room by the way.

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How many online users are shown in the user list? Just the two of you?

Yes, only the two of us.