Autoplay & YouTube Quality


since today, the video I put into the room a few seconds ago (while another person is in the room) won’t autoplay from her position if I reload the page. This wouldn’t be much of a problem, if I didn’t have to reload like 20 times, because YouTube auto-scales down the quality for some reason. In the w2g settings I selected 1080p, yet it was 480p while watching on fullscreen in a 1920x1080 monitor.

Before today, I could open the video in another YouTube tab, change quality there, F5 in w2g and it would keep the setting. Now it just scales down after a while for whatever reason. 1000 MBit internet connection and when watching on YouTube directly I don’t have issues whatsoever.

Any idea? If the Autoplay problem would be fixed, the quality issue wouldn’t be such big of a deal, because I could just reload the page, after which it usually works. But if I have to put the video in again and seek to the appropriate time, it’s just a nightmare for watching together.

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Hi Simon,

with “won’t autplay” you mean that you have to click once on the player to start the video? Which browser / version are you using?

If in doubt visit:



no, I have to get the video URL, search for the video again, click on it - only then it will play. For my friend it’s playing all the time during that.

So in total:

  1. We both get into the room
  2. I start a video
  3. It runs for both of us
  4. I F5
  5. It runs for her, but NOT for me
  6. I have to put url into search bar again and click it again
  7. It runs for both of us, but at the start of the video again
  8. I have to jump back to our previous time ±

I’m using Chrome 84.0

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A couple of questions:

  • Are you watching videos from Youtube or from another source?
  • Which browser / version is your friend using?
  • Who of you is the owner of the room and are there any moderation option enabled in the room settings?
  • Do you see the same issue when you create a new room?


we watch from YouTube, she’s using Chrome aswell, I’m the owner, no moderation settings (all unticked). We’ll test tomorrow if it’s the same issue with a new room aswell.

She’s not logged in and it’s a saved room by the way.

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How many online users are shown in the user list? Just the two of you?

Yes, only the two of us.

Unsure if this has been sorted, but I’ve noticed when I had 3 laptops running on my W2G page, only 2 would sync and autoplay, while one would need to either refresh the page to autoplay, or me manually clicking to play and sync.

All are on Opera, and all have decent internet speeds aswell a laptop speeds.

Are you using different logins for each laptop? Using the same login twice for the same room will not work. Another reason could be the Autoplay permission and / or certain browser extensions. Especially some AdBlock / privacy extension are known to cause errors with embedded YouTube players.

No no, had only my +PLUS account logged in upstairs, while the other two were guest accounts downstairs and further away from my house. I may have to look into the permissions of the browser extensions as the two that would work on were on different connection types. PC A & PC B were both on WIFI connection, while PC C was on Ethernet (powerline). PC A & PC C would autoplay all the time, while PC B i’ll have to play manually.

But later through the night, I dropped PC A as it wasnt being used, and PC B & PC C were somewhat autoplaying nicely. So will have to play around more too see where the problem lies.

Thanks a lot for your input. Just to double check if I understood you correctly. The problem lies in the fact that the video is loaded but does not start to play automatically? Or is the video not loading at all?

Does the chat work in all browsers?

Yeah the video seems to be loaded, but there is something stopping it from autoplaying. I’ve refreshed the page multiple times on the device that for some reason cant autoplay the video, but id be lucky that it autoplays after 2 - 3 refreshes. I’ve disabled the adblocker, and sadly it would do the same thing as it would be if the adblocker was on.

And the chat indeed still works as I can see everything that displays in chat on all devices.

Alright, please check this post in how to check the Autoplay settings:

Im using another browser at the moment (vivaldi) as it seems better for laptops. But i’ve noticed that its still occuring on the laptop as im needing to do is click on the page and then it’ll autoplay. Basically I press ESC or the windows key to check something else, and when I go back onto the page, it’ll need me to click on the page to autoplay and sync where the video is at.