Autoplay for other users

I plan to use Watch2Gether for a large conference of 400 people. I understood from the forum, that the max number of user is 1.000. Is this correct. I have the premium subscription.

When I distribute the link, the other users have to press on the video to start it initially. Is it possible that the video, which I already started on my computer already plays on the screens of the other users, so that they just have to open the link without pressing the play button. It would be great, if if would play automatically when opening the site - of course synced. Thanks and best regards.

Thorsten Jekel oder

Hi Thorsten,

there is no general limit on how many people can enter a room and watch videos together. Due to the peer to peer setup of the webcam feature, webcam streaming is only supported in smaller groups. Again there is no hard limit here as well, but 400 users with webcam enabled will not work.

The videos are autoplay by default. However, the browser vendors have recently introduced a policy which requires an initial click on the player when a website is visited for the first time. After that the video should sync up to current position after a little while.

In general Watch2Gether is designed to work best in small, highly interactive groups. When you want to use it with a large audience make sure to enable the “moderation” options in the side bar menu of the room. I would suggest as well to do a test before you start a mission critical session :wink:


many thanks for the quick reply👍