Automated IP ban the cause of not playing YouTube video's?

Hi! I think my IP may have been banned. I’ve been trying to figure out why I can’t play YouTube video’s (but I can play SoundCloud). When I accidentally switched to my 4G connection instead of wifi, YouTube was able to play without issue and that seems to be pretty consistent now.

If my IP was banned, I have no idea why.

Thank you!

Can you play videos on YouTube directly? Does it make a difference when you use Watch2Gether in an ingognito window?

Hi! Yes, I can play videos on YouTube directly. It does not seem to make a difference in incognito mode or by using different browsers or OS (Windows 10 and Windows 7). The same happens on my iPhone as well with Safari, Chrome and Firefox.

When I connect via 4G, everything works instantly.

Thabks a lot for your feedback. Can you check if the embedded YouTube videos on work for you?

Yes, they seem to work fine! And actually even the w2g works fine now, so perhaps it was just a temporary glitch?

It has happened to me twice though, so while it seems I don’t need help anymore, I still wanted to mention it.

It was only for YouTube for some reason, SoundCloud still worked fine on both occassions.

Okay thanks a lot for the update. I guess that was an issue on YouTube’s side. Let me know when you experience it again!