Audio sharing option not enable

hello! I’m not sure yet if this is a feature or a bug or not but here I go.

I used to share videos I had downloaded with w2g by sharing my whole screen and selecting the “share audio” box. the box didn’t appear when sharing just a window so that’s why i shared my whole screen.

recently i had to change my OS to linux mint but now when I try to share all of my screen, the share audio box is not there, now it’s only available when sharing a tab.

is there any solution to that? or is the just no way to do it on linux? i tried using chromium and brave browser but there is no way.

Thanks a lot for your feedback. It seems like Chrome does not offer the option to share audio on Linux when sharing the whole screen. It’s a browser limitation and there is not much we can do about it. A workaround cloud be to play the files directly in a Chrome tab (should be possible with many formats) and then share that tab with audio.