Audio only mode

Hey everyone!
This idea might sound counterintuitive from a website which is called Watch2Gether but lately I have been using this website for making a music list that I can listen with friends. I also want to listen to it when on my phone but I have a limited data usage per month so if I keep doing that for a few days then I’m all out of data. In this usecase it would be really nice to disable the video part of it and only listen to the audio. Is something like this possible? If not, it would also be nice to be able to set all videos to the lowest quality setting at all times. This would help the amount of data a lot.

Greetings, Peltos


Yeah i think it would bengreat too

If I am not mistaken, disabling the video takes away the real purpose and definition of “Watch2gether”. Also if the video quality is compromised then folks will leave the Watch2gether community or in other words stop using the app and ask for refund of their subscriptions. Maybe, if you wish to use Watch2gether then reduction of other data usage should be a consideration from the user perspective. Just my humble opinion.

Thanks a lot for your input. I understand your idea and use case… however as we are using the official embed functionality of the integrated platforms we have to play by the rules. Youtube for example does not allow to play the audio separate from the video.

I get what you are saying. I understand that you can’t separate the video from the audio. That said, is it possible to have a global option where you can set the quality of the videos? That every video that is loaded in the iframe has a set variable like 360p on quality? that alone would help a lot!

I understand the difficulty and burning of data while having some entertainment. I’m not sure about the cost involved in getting larger data plan. Since the question was asked for settings global standard, here is my opinion/input.

I personally would not like to watch a HD Video in a 360p quality. I prefer a 1080p or at the least a 720 (if the videos is HD Ready.)
However, To provide satisfaction to both worlds, if it is possible (technologically that is), you could, optionally, let the user adjust or scale down the quality of a video at the user’s end and that’ll be a breakthrough for Watch2gether. More power to Watch2gether. :+1::pray:

I apologize, i re-read your request and see that you are asking for same the suggestion I was making. Please ignore my comments. Sorry :slightly_frowning_face: