Api for Discord bot

Me and a friend of mine are currently developing a private Discord Bot and I wanted to know if there is an Api

I just sent you a PM!


Hey there!
Could you send me a PM with the API, please?

I just sent you a PM!

Hi, can please you share the API for me too?
Thank you.

Can I also get a PM?

Thanks for your requests. PMs are sent!

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Can you share with me the API too?


Requesting API for use with discord bot. Thanks.

Também posso obter um PM?


Could you send me a PM with the API?


I would love to get it too !!


Since there is a new cog release for the Red Discordbot which provides Watch2Gether Room Links I would be interested in a API Key as well. Would be happy to get one.

Thanks in Advance

@user_95f53b7185f71fb Hello :slight_smile: if it’s possible can i take API too :slight_smile: Thank you again

Same boat here, working on setting up my Red Discordbot and trying to get watch2gether cog to work. If I could get an API key it’d be much appreciated!

Hey :wink: I am developing a bot for my small gaming community and would like to code a watch2gether command. Can I get access to the API? I would be very happy :slight_smile:

Hey can I also get a PM?

Can you also send me a PM? :slight_smile: